Carpet or Hardwood: Which Is Best for You?

New flooring is a must-have when remodeling your home, but the decision between carpet and hardwood is a hard one to make. Certain situations instantly call for hardwood flooring, but some homeowners will find that carpet is best for specific rooms. Before deciding on a flooring solution for your home, it'll be beneficial for you to consider the following factors.

Your ROI

According to a National Association of Realtors report, homeowners can recoup 106% of the hardwood flooring cost when they sell. If you plan on selling your home soon, hardwood floors are worth considering if you're looking to get the highest ROI on your remodel. However, if you're not, then carpet may be the option for you.


Homeowners with small children who still spill things consistently need to consider this before contacting someone forĀ flooring services. Spills tend to soak into the carpet, often resulting in you having to shampoo the carpet multiple times a year, which isn't good for the carpet. Hardwood flooring is much easier to keep clean when small children are in the house.


If you have pets, consider whether they occasionally go to the bathroom on the floor. If so, hardwood floors will allow for easier cleanups. However, a carpet is better if you have dogs or other animals with long nails. The long nails can scratch the wooden floor, leaving it damaged and irreparable. You will not enjoy a high ROI if your wood flooring is damaged.


There's something instantly comfortable about stepping onto plush carpeting in the morning compared to the coldness of a hardwood floor. If you prefer to walk throughout the house barefoot and despise a cold floor, carpeting will make your home feel cozy again. This is more efficient and cost-effective than purchasing large rugs to cover wooden flooring.

The Room

Many homeowners put hardwood or tile floors in certain rooms and opt for carpet in others. It's common to put carpet in bedrooms for comfort in the morning but to have hardwood or tile floors in other rooms, especially rooms prone to spills and water, such as the bathroom and kitchen. When speaking with a professional about flooring services, ask them what most homeowners opt for.

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